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The project portal disseminates study results ornithological "Cul Roig " ( Phoenicurus ochruros gibraltariensis), conducted by the Catalan Society Banding and coordinated by Joan Antó, with some very ambitious objectives of the study.

The morphological characteristics of the black redstart indicate that the species belongs to the family Turdidae, subfamily and tribe Saxicolinae Saxicolini, within which there are 176 races / species, including gender Phoenicurus defined by T. Forster in 1817 ¹.

Within the genus Phoenicurus, we found 17 species:

  • Phoenicurus alaschanicus. Przevalski s Redstart. Essentially Distribution Asia, specifically to China CN. Species considered near threatened.
  • Phoenicurus erythronotus. Redstart Eversmann s. Species from central Asia. Very common in southern Russia.
  • Phoenicurus caeruleocephala. Blue-capped Redstart. Himalayas, Afghanistan, where it is very common.
  • Phoenicurus ochruros. Black redstart. Five recognized subspecies:
    • Phoenicurus ochruros gibraltariensis. Europe and North Africa.
    • Phoenicurus ochruros ochruros. Asia Minor.
    • Phoenicurus ochruros semirufus. Syria, Lebanon and Israel.
    • Phoenicurus ochruros phoenicuroides. Russia, Mongolia to southern Asia.
    • Phoenicurus ochruros rufiventris. Asia.
    • unrecognized subspecies. Phoenicurus ochruros aterrimus. Common in Portugal and central and eastern Spain.
  • Phoenicurus phoenicurus. Common Redstart. Europe, North Africa and as far north as Mongolia.
  • Phoenicurus Hodgson. Hodgson s Redstart. Tibetan Plateau to southern China, being very abundant in winter in India.
  • Phoenicurus front. Blue-fronted Redstart. Eastern Afghanistan and the Himalayas to southern China.
  • Phoenicurus schisticeps. Whithe-throated Redstart. China, Nepal Himalaya. Common in Tibet and China.
  • Phoenicurus auroreus. Daurian Redstart. Siberia, Mongolia, Korea, China.
  • Phoenicurus moussieri. Moussier s Redstart. East of Morocco and Tunisia. With some inroads in Europe.
  • Phoenicurus erythrogastrus. Güldenstädt s Redstart. Mongolia, Afghanistan, Himalaya, Caucasus.

As already mentioned, all species and subspecies of the genus Phoenicurus, this study will deepen the subspecies widely Phoenicurus ochruros gibraltariensis and very locally in southern Catalonia, Terres de l'Ebre.

Specifically, in Catalonia, the black redstart (Phoenicurus ochruros gibraltariensis), is a very abundant bird. According to the latest published Atlas passes of between 35,981 to 69,959 pairs ² during the breeding season to between 457,893 to 688,537 individuals in winter ³.

This study will benefit from the participation of ringers and bird watchers to communicate readings alphanumeric PVC rings have been specially created for this project. That's why we call here the active collaboration of people interested in this species, sending any information deemed appropriate, whether text, images, etc.. Thank here all the help received.

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